Nothing but the best golf instruction

At Hitting It Solid we've put together 3 of the most powerful cutting-edge golf instruction videos to help you with your game. Whether you're just a beginner or you struggle to break 100 or maybe even 110, these videos are perfect for you. Simple and easy to follow and every video comes with proven 1 minute drills you can practice in the comfort of your own home. No more expensive golf lessons, just straight forward no nonsense golf instruction that works. 

2 Minute Golf Swing Fix

A great place to start for the beginner or even the weekend golfer that struggles to break 100. Two videos that fix 2 of the most common mistakes in golf.

6 Minute Golf Swing Fix

Perfect for the weekend golfer and those golfers who struggle to break 100 or worse. Seven videos featuring fixes to more of golfers most common problems. 

The Golf Power Launcher

For golfers of all levels who struggle to get much distance in their game. These videos will add yardage to your shots and lower your scores in the process.